Weekend Workload=Light

Finally. A weekend off. I'm proud to say it was pretty uneventful. Friday night, I went to see my favorite brother & sister-in-law. The dogs are starting to figure each other out. However, Jere still doesn't know what to think of Gage. ..

**photos can be found here.

But come on Jere, he lets you wear his clothes!

Saturday, after sleeping in, honey & me went car shopping. See, he has had this life long dream of having a Cobra Mustang. Even though this will cause much worry on my part, sometimes you just gotta give in. These particular mustangs are hard to find, so we called around before heading to the city. We found a Mach I Mustang pretty close by so we went to check it out.

IT WAS FAST! I even made him warn me before he "tested" its power. I loved it though! It was pretty cool to feel the pull of all the horsepower. I'm definitely a car girl. He is thinking about getting this car and hopefully will get a good deal being January and the end of the month.

After this adventure, I talked him into stopping at H H Gregg to take a look at their tvs. (Apparently I was in the buying mood) However, he is the one who would be buying the tv and has mentioned buying one every day for about 2 months now. We found an AWESOME deal on a 42" plasma flat screen 720p tv. I was in love. So we got it.

Saturday night, I met up with some friends and enjoyed a couple of hours of line dancing.

Sunday, I had Sewing Lesson #2 and completed my first sewing project.

A pair of lounge pants in a lime green t-shirt material. I'm proud of my accomplishment! If you want a pair just click the comment button and let me know :)

first sewing project

pants tag

I created this "tag" so I could tell the front from the back. I think I might use it as my signature tag from now on because I'm growing pretty fond of it. Next is a shirt, then a dress!

What do you think??

Shirt to the left of the tank top.

First Dress.

Now begins another week. Oh and feel better honey!

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