Little Journey by Aldi

I was thrilled to be chosen for the Little Journey campaign that Influenster recently hosted for Aldi.  I feel like using baby products for three years straight has taught me a thing or two, so of course I was skeptical in switching to something new after all that time.  The box came with lots of things to try - diapers, wipes, two kinds of puffs, food pouch, baby body wash, and a coupon for formula.  

We tried it all and LOVE it all.  I compared prices on everything and it's all cheaper, except for the formula (at regular price) by just a few dollars.  The diapers themselves are HALF the cost.  HALF!  We've been using them exclusively for a few months and have no complaints.  In fact, I would say we've had less leaks and blowouts and you know how big of a statement that is.  

We already by most all of our groceries at Aldi, so this just helped me love them even more.  Anything that is comparable in quality and saves me money has my vote!

I received my ALDI Little Journey products complimentary from Influenster and am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.


Reverse your routine!

Another FREE #voxboxfrom @influenster that I LOVE! This is a@tresemme product that you use in reverse. Conditioner first, then shampoo. Definitely a new concept, but it gave me much more volume than my fine hair usually has. I'll be using it a few more weeks to see if I continue to see a difference, but pleased with the results so far! #reverseyourroutine


PONDS Towelettes

I have to admit that I don't always wash my makeup off at night.  When I received this product from Influenster to try for free, I was immediately hooked.  It is so easy to wipe off my makeup and my face feels refreshed!  I definitely recommend this product.



Dessange: California Blonde

I love getting free products from Influenster, but who wouldn't? My favorite part is that they ask me to honestly review products. I don't have to say I love something if I didn't. 

My latest voxbox came with a few Dessange products that I've been trying out for the last several weeks. 

I wanted to give them at least a month to really test them to see if I could see a difference. The verdict? Buy them. The shampoo and conditioner have a pleasant smell and even give my fine hair added body. If you're blonde or have highlights, like me, I'd recommend them. 

There are more products on the line, including for all of you lovely brunette a out there. Give it a try and let me know what you think! The best part? You have an excuse to go to Target!


FrostyVoxBox: My thoughts

I've gotten a few influenster boxes so far and have loved them all. A few products I wouldn't purchase again, but I have enjoyed the opportunity to try new things for free.
My favorites in this box were the Ecotools hair brush, the Rimmel eye makeup remover, the NYC lipstick, and the fruit vines. The hair brush is a great size and very flexible. I usually only use a comb on wet hair, but this one is flexible enough to use on wet and dry! 

I'm bad about not washing my face at night, so I'm more apt to try something easy, fast, and works. I was thrilled to receive the eye makeup remover and have used it almost every night. It's quick and removes 95% of my makeup.

The lipstick is a fantastic color and last for a long time throughout the day. I'll definitely be buying this brand again. 

Lastly, I love anything that is similar to twizzlers and the fruit vines didn't disappoint. I opened them to try and ate the whole bag throughout the day. Oops.

My least favorite item was the eyeliner. While I like the liner it is waterproof and VERY hard to get it all off at night. I still use it occasionally, but was not impressed with the difficulty in taking it off.

The thyme and tea were OK. I'm not too excited about a spice, but it was nice to get it free. The tea was good and I enjoy peppermint. I may purchase this again next holiday season.

Last but not least is the No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum. I haven't really thought about protecting my aging skin until now, so this was my first experience with anything like this. I really liked it and wished I had received a larger sample. #getadvanced

Overall I was very pleased with this box and can't wait until the next one!


Wants and Needs: The Difference

19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

Sometimes people perceive a desire as a necessity. The heart can become so consumed with a craving that fulfilling it feels critical to well-being. Then, unless God meets the “need,” frustration occurs.
Believers wondering why they’ve been neglected should honestly answer one question: Is my petition essential to achieving God’s purpose, or is it only for my enjoyment? Beyond basics like food and shelter, necessities might include money for a mission trip or counseling for a troubled marriage. If we can’t complete God’s plan without something, then it is a need, and He’ll answer when we bring the matter before Him in prayer (Phil. 4:19).
God is also pleased to satisfy desires that fit within the confines of His purpose and will. The things we long for bring pleasure, entertainment, or a sense of joy. Many are good and worth pursuing, but they become troublesome when we deem them essential for our plans. God isn’t obligated to grant wishes or fulfill any plans but His own. However, He says that those who seek Him won’t lack any good thing (Ps. 34:10). Matthew 6:33 tells us we are to pursue the Lord above all else. That means making our desires subject to His will. And when we “delight in the Lord” (Ps. 37:4), He’ll also shape our desires to be most beneficial.
The heavenly Father wants to be His children’s greatest delight—the One in whom fulfillment and satisfaction are found. When that is true in a believer’s life, then he or she does not require a lot of “stuff,” entertainment, or other people in order to be happy. Genuine joy is found in the Lord.

Source: InTouch Ministries 

Sometimes I forget what I want isn't necessarily what I need.   When 'things' become our focus instead of being in God's will, verses like this bring us back to reality.  Sometimes what we want would make our lives easier, but did God call us to have an easy life?  My prayer is that I remember each day that I'm here to be used of Him, not to use Him to make me more comfortable.