Project #2 and Updates

I have discovered that I HATE cutting out patterns. I have also figured out why the patterns at Wal-Mart are $4. They are so thin! It takes lots of skill to cut one out without tearing it. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are on the cheaper side because of my tight budget.

Tuesday night, I got the sewing machine setup and cut out the pattern for project #2.

I couldn't wait to get home yesterday and start working on it! Sewing is the fun part, after all.

One very important "skill" that my g-mother taught me was the importance of basting. I have learned very quickly how right she was. And last night, I took her advice...
It really helps when you have to take stitching out.

Even though I had a few mistakes along the way,
I think overall I did a pretty good job. I have to remind myself that this is only the second thing I have ever sewn and the first thing I have done on my own. I didn't finish it completely, but I only have one sleeve and the bottom hem left! I might even wear it tomorrow!

I really like my sewing machine. It is easy to use and is quiet. I worked on my shirt all evening and the time flew by. I can see how this is going to get addicting. There is a great deal of pride though when you finish something.

In other news...

Honey bought the Mach I Mustang. I love it! I even talked him into letting me take it for a spin last weekend.

Gage is getting so big! He is 11 weeks today. At his 6 week checkup he weighed 5.9lbs; at 9 weeks he was up to 11.1lbs! He is just barely taller than Landry, but much stronger. I still hear Landry laying down the law though. I guess his seniority is what's keeping him out of harms way. Gage is slowing understanding the proper place to use the bathroom, but still has some accidents. Last night was the first FULL night he has slept in the big bed without waking me up to go outside. He is becoming more and more cuddly the older he gets. We have also noticed his fur is getting a brown cast to it. He is going to be a pretty pup.

I decided (since I don't have anything else to do ;) ) to change my layout every month. Gives you something to look forward to! Let me know what you think and let me hear from you!


argosyinflames said...

wow! you wanna make me a scarf or somethin?

Jessica said...

I can make you a scarf if my knitting skills get better...but I can sew you something else!