Finally Friday

You know those weeks...the ones that on Monday you say to yourself, "Is it Friday yet?" Even though this week wouldn't even make the "bad" list, I'm so glad it's finally Friday!

Spring is here and always brings with it a sense of joy. Thank goodness because it's definitely needed right now.

As I was walking up the steps to my front door the other day, I noticed something new in my flower bed. Back in the Fall, my g-mother, g-father, dad, and step-mom came over to spruce up the yard. I remember my g-mother finding a bulb and planting it, but had forgotten until I saw this a few days ago...
It helped me remember to slow down and notice the pretty things in life. You never know how long you have left, and I don't want to regret. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

6 days until my 24th!

P.S. anyone know what kind of flower this is?

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