I'm Still Here!

I have still been sewing even though I haven't posted any of my projects. My memory has not been to good when it comes to taking pictures! LOL. But I can still update you on the latest.
I made two pairs of pajama pants. One for J. and one for Honey. J.'s were out of a mesh material I found at a thrift store and Honey's were a flannel. They turned out well and were really easy to make.
I also made a really CUTE tank top and top from the pattern below. I did views A and C:I was very disappointed on both though because they are sized small. I haven't really paid much attention to sizing as I'm completing a project. I just cut out the size I need and sew it. I hadn't had a problem until now. The tank was about 2 sizes smaller than the cut. I awarded the cute tank to my lovely step-mom. The second project was the shirt. I whipped it up last night and had planned to wear it to my pre-birthday dinner tonight, but nope. No go. Same issue with it. I even cut out a bigger size on this one anticipating the same problem.
But lucky J. because she is getting this top! I hope she loves it as much as me!
Sorry for the pic... this camera phone isn't very good. The fabric reminds me of a Chinese print. It has red, black and white in it. The tie is also black. Maybe next time if I use more of a stretch material I will have better results. Mom? You're next!

1 more day until 24!

Remember, tomorrow is when I get to wear this:


Mel said...

Hooray! I'm next!

Helen said...

Happy 24th Birthday.

Jessica said...

Thank you Granny Helen! :)