I'm Thinking of You

I completed one project this weekend and started two more. The first was a shirt just like the one I made last week, but this one actually fits because I used a stretch material (which is what the pattern had called for, OOPS!) It's so cute!

I started on a little gift for Mom and since it's a gift, no pictures allowed! :) The last project is a vest I am making for a co-worker. She got me some awesome gifts for my birthday, so I thought I'd make a little something for her. She loves loud patterns and when I saw this, I knew she would love it! I'm going to line it with a light gray linen.
You might notice the picture quality is much better than an any of my previous posts. That's because Honey got me an awesome camera for my birthday!
G. Helen, I know you are under the weather, but just know that when I'm sewing I'm thinking of you! I got some wonderful sewing things with my birthday present from you! I also received some books from a friend that talk about thrift store finds and how to convert them into cute outfits. I'll be sure to keep you updated! Love you!

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Mel said...

This is dictated from Granny Helen:
I'm thinking of you too. I'm a little under the weather today but should be much better after tomorrow. I love the things you're sewing, and look forward to seeing your pictures. I love you and I pray for you every day!

Granny Helen (via Mom)