Keep that Heartbeat Racin'

I have always wondered why we classify someone by where they're from. I was watching House Hunters a few nights ago and the couple was from Nashville. The opening line was "Let's Two-Step on over to Nashville, Tennessee!" I asked J. why we were always made out to be "Redneck Hicks." He said, "I don't mind being classified as that." ha ha. But the same is true about anywhere else you are from. North, West, where ever. It's just something to think about. But just so you know, we do owe shoes and most of us do have all our teeth here in the South ya'll!

But as my brother pointed out, some of us our posers...

(this is his hick look, I guess?)

Him and a friend ventured up to Bristol this weekend for the NASCAR races. I've never been, but would like to. If not only just to say I did.

But what I did today that keep my heart rate up was starting another sewing project. My g-mother summed it up well when she asked, "why do you always pick the complicated patterns?" We were both about to pull our hair out when we decided to stop for the day. I finally started my dress. Needless to say I will be proud and so happy when it's over. I'll post some pictures from our next sewing session.

And tonight, I continued the anxiety by watching Vantage Point. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast paced "thinking" movies.

Warning! This synopsis contains some small spoilers

President Ashton (William Hurt) is attending a global war on terror summit in Spain. Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are two of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him. This is the first action that Agent Barnes has been in since he took a bullet for President Ashton six-month earlier. We really dont know if Agent Barnes is up to the challenge of protecting the President. Shortly after President Ashton is escorted to the stage in the plaza by the Secret Service, he is immediately shot twice by a rifle from a window and falls to the floor. The crowd is in shock and chaos breaks out all over, especially, when bombs begin to explode. Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker) is an American video-taping the event to show to his children that he was actually there at this historic event. He believes that he has the picture of the man who shot the President. Agent Barnes sees the tape and has a clue to that person. Several different people witness the event, and only through their eyes do we see the truth behind the assassination attempt. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

But seriously, it's worth the $9 it costs to see it in theaters.

I also have something pretty exciting happening next week, so keep your fingers crossed! I know my heartbeat is racin' for sure.

12 days 'til my birthday!


awhitaker said...

I told him he'd fit right in at the race! But the handlebars must go after the race!

Jessica said...

ha ha ha even if we have to hold him down to shave them!