Maybe YOU Need a New Cover

Yesterday there was an interesting post on Digg about a raw meat iPod cover. So I started thinking about it and wondered what other crazy iPod covers they have come up with...and of course I had to share it with you!

Raw Meat, Anyone?

Wristlet Fan? Go to iLuv to find one you like

Something from this store would be cool just because you get to say foof! These are homemade in Australia. They also come big enough for a MacBook.

And this cool little thing, too! A cable turtle...

And look at this CUTE idea! They're homemade too!

But maybe you are like me and like to put your own spin on things. ifrogz is where you need to go. At this site you can create your own cover(s) or put preselected ones together how you want. You get to pick your wrap, band, and wheel. You can even upload a picture of your own.

Go to get your skins.com for some scenery covers.

Knit? Try this site for some ideas.

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