In With The Old, Out With The New

Back in the Fall, my wonderful Father & G. Mother helped me make my yard a little more inviting. We planted bushes in the front and pansies in the back. I had decided that I wanted the flowers to go the length of my patio. However, as we approached the end digging became a bit more difficult. Looking a little closer we realized those were bricks the shovel was hitting. To my dismay, no one wanted to help we discover what the bricks were doing there. So we stopped and for about 6 months I have enjoyed my beautiful pansies.

Can you guess where this is going? How long do you really think I could let our discovery be forgotten? Until last week. That's how long. So, I started digging...again. Digging isn't easy btw especially when this brick, whatever it is, is 6 inches below the grass line. Anywho, this is what I have uncovered so far...The bricks on the side is my attempt to "hold" the ground up when it rains. Which hasn't been successful but that's another story. But can you believe this? Why in the world would someone cover this up? I couldn't tell you, but I LOVE it! My house was built in the 1920s and there is no telling how old this path is. But the detail is awesome and tons of work was put into it. I haven't done much digging since the weekend (thanks Dad!) but the path is starting to open up into something. Maybe another patio? A circle? Either way this is really cool. Oh, and you should really come help me dig.

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Helen said...

Jess its beautiful and I think you're right that it's a path, but a patio would be great.