Some Things Come & Go...

...but the ones that matter are always here.

One of my best friends just moved back to Knoxville about a month ago. This isn't just any friend, it's the friend whom I have know since before birth. Her mother and my grandfather worked together out at the Plants. The annual cookout rolled around and low and behold, our mom's met. Pregnant. I was born March 27th and she was born April 12th. So it's only fair to say we started out as forever friends. She was my first friend and I hers. We went to school and church together all the way through.

She is one of those friends that no matter how long you go without talking, you can always pickup where you left off. I love that. We can finish each others sentences and often know what the other is thinking. This kind of friend is also good because they know when you tell them what they don't want to hear, but what they need to hear it is coming from your heart. We have that.

You never realize what something means to you until it's gone (and by gone I mean in Nashville...). I never realized how much I missed her until she moved back. Both of us have gone through some trying times throughout our lives, but it always seems that the other has been through some form of the trial before. We often say our lives parallel one another. I think God plans it that way so that we can always be there for each other and can always know what to say to make the other one realize everything will be okay.

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Jenn said...

Um....ok are you trying to make me cry!?!?!? :) You're the best girl. I was just thinking today what in the world would I do without you? Ya know sometines I am ok with all this and I realize that I have a world of fun times in front of me. Other times I just don't know how Im going to get through. And then I remember thats what I have friends like you for! Some friends come and go, others are your angels! Thanks for reminding me of the song I sing in my heart when I forget :) Love you, mean it!