Memories, Light The Corners Of My Mind...

I was going through some old pictures and just had to share some with you!

My Brother & I. I'm guessing I was about 2 and he was 4.

Always telling him what to do...

On a mission trip in White Cone, AZ roughin' it!

Prom with my high school sweetheart my Sophomore year. 2000

My friend Jennifer & I our Junior year of high school. 2001

Before Prom my Junior year. I just HAD to stop by work (Shoney's. lol)
and show everyone! 2001

Mary & I at Prom my Senior year. 2002

High School Graduation! 2002

My most favorite. 2002

Our Family dog, Fluffy. 2002

Holding Brian. Mary's 1st. 2003


pamstrickland said...

Love the two pics of you and Zach. I'm thinking that I would have meet you not too long after they were made.

And, Fluffy. Makes me sad.


Helen said...

I loved the pictures and the ones of you and Zach are adorable and so is the one of Daniel and you.
These brought back memories of you when you were a little girl.