Just when I thought I had things figured out...

...I find out my kitten is really a BOY! Yes, unfortunately I'm serious. I can't really explain myself except to say that I was told it was a female when I first got it and it was very young. I just never rechecked ;) So...here is the dilemma. A name. It's actually pretty difficult to think of a name for an animal you have loved and called a different name for over two months. I want his new name (LOL) to match his personality. I am open to suggestions. I do know I want it to do with one (or all) of his qualities:

1. He is gray
2. He loves the water!
3. His eyes are golden.
4. He is very needy and sometimes just needs his mama.
5. He eats dog food.
6. He nestles his head under my chin to pet him.

And these are some options I'm thinking of:
1. Chruse - golden, the golden one
2. Nerio-Water
3. Calder: stream, water
4. Wyatt: little warrior, water
5. Graham: from the gray home
6. Murray: man of the sea
7. Misu: water

Which one do you like? I hate for the little guy to go without a name!

And I can't forget Landry!


argosyinflames said...

i still like gravy, but i could go with murray.

Angela said...

i like gravy too, but of the choices i'd go with murray

Mel said...

I like Graham.

pamstrickland said...

Gravy is a good name. But of the choices, I'd say Graham or Wyatt.