15 (instead of 25) Things About Me.

1. Last Movie I saw: Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was funny...I'll give it that, but didn't keep my attention. I would say pass unless you are really bored one night and it's the last movie in the video store. Just kidding. It wasn't THAT bad.

2. Favorite Movie: The Notebook. It's the perfect movie if you need some pick me up in the relationship/romance department. I cry every time I see it.

3. I wish I had: more money to travel. I used to travel a lot while I was in college, and I miss it. Now there is this thing called REAL LIFE. It includes bills, a full time job, and PTO.

4. I am currently reading: The Heartache No One Sees: Real Healing for a Woman's Wounded Heart by Sheila Walsh.

5. Favorite food: Am I still allowed to say macaroni and cheese even though I'm 24?

6. I wish I could be more: PATIENT. Patience is not one of my virtues. It is getting a little better as I get older, but still needs work.

7. I am relieved that: even though I don't have my dream job, I have A JOB. That's a blessing any day of the week.

8. If I had a special power it would be: the ability to read people's minds. That would be awesome. That is until I found out things I didn't want to know. This is not an everyday ability for a reason I believe.

9. What I miss about my childhood: No worries, no bills, mayo and cheese sandwiches, bluebird OJ at my grandparents (I just googled it. They still make it! I'm so getting some at Sam's!), daycare, finding treats in my grandparents car on the days they picked us up from daycare, the affect of 'Arkansas Air', sleepovers, summer vacation, and many many others. We would be here all day.

10. I am worried about: never finding the job I know I deserve.

11. I eat way too much: Taco Bell. 'Nough said.

13. I want to learn: to dance. Salsa, Swing, Tango...

14. I think: That I am always right. I know. I know. It's another thing I'm working on.

15. I struggle to: keep God a priority in my life.

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