Happy Birthday to Me!


Sara said...

I feel bad I didn't see this before. Happy belated bday!!!

Nicholas said...

I have been waiting and waiting for the info about what you did to celebrate your birthday. I can only guess that it was really special and private. I know that you had a good time, though. I know that 25 comes along only once.

By the way, I appreciate the best wishes about the move. It is really challenging. I’m learning a lot of differences moving by yourself and moving with your spouse. Maybe one of these days you’ll know what I mean when you settle down with the man that God has specially blessed you with as a spiritual leader for you.

J E S S I C A said...

Nicholas--I had an awesome birthday! I spent time with family and friends. Visited the Sunsphere here in Knoxville because I hadn't been in a while, went to a neat store downtown call The Mast General Store, and went to see a movie with one of my good friends. It was a great weekend. Thank you so much for asking (& caring!)