Reeeeeeed Robin!

I just had my first experience with them back in March when I went to visit my mom in Baltimore. It was love at first umm bite. I had the Whiskey River BBQ Burger with a Very Berry Raspberry Limeade.

I. ate. every. bite. Not that I could have fit another crumb in my tummy, but the fries were bottomless too! It was the best hamburger I have ever eaten.

You might think that Red Robin is giving me some sweet deal to rave about them, but that would be wrong...although hey Red Robin, if you want to I'm cool with that! The reason I'm writing this post about Red Robin is because of my awesome experience there on Wednesday night. One of my friends is leaving next week for Europe and will be gone 41 days. So we went to dinner with another friend and her son to the BRAND NEW! Red Robin in Knoxville.

I ordered a Gourmet Cheeseburger this go 'round. I ordered it medium well, like always, and everything was great until I got to the middle. I noticed it was getting pinker and pinker. I didn't really mind, but the waiter noticed at one point when he came by the table. He offered me a new one and I graciously refused because I WAS FULL!, but then he said well I'll give you one to take home. So cool, I was getting a free burger to eat another day. Then, the manager stopped by, as they often do when something is ordered as a recook. He then informed me that he would not charge me for the original burger and would bring me a milkshake to go! Ummm, Yay!

I really don't think I have ever had better service at a restaurant. Usually when something isn't cooked right is a big to do to get a new one or it's almost as if they think you're trying to get a free meal. I don't know if it was my 'don't mind the pinkness' attitude or if Red Robin is just that exceptional ( I think the latter), but it was awesome either way.

If you have never eaten at a Red Robin, please do! You won't regret it...even if your burger is a little pink.

Customer Service? A+++++


Angela said...

I think me and Zach are going on Saturday!! I'm excited... especially after hearing this!

Sara said...

I hardly ever crave red meat, but last week I caved and went to Ruby Tuesdays which is sort of pricey here. It was delicious. So far, Red Robin doesn't exist here.