More points for Knoxville...

This was a busy busy weekend, but I wouldn't change a thing. Friday night I went to The Hotshot Freight Train show (a band I'm newly managing, YAY!) with my brother. He has been friends with them for a very long time, so it's more like I'm tagging along with him.

Kata and the Blaze went on after THSFT and were AWESOME!! Check 'em out.

Saturday started with a nice relaxing morning at the lake at a co-worker's house. Norris Lake, might I add...that will be important later.

Later that afternoon, I met my sister-in-law and we went to the Knoxville Zoo. I love animals, so by default love the zoo!

Otters are my faaaaaaaavorite!!

Then it was off to Norris Dam...and Lake. Beautiful.

Sunday, wasn't any different...as far as busyness goes, anyways. My aunt called Saturday and informed me that she had a few tickets to the Knoxville Open (Thanks again!!). A friend and I went in the afternoon and had a great time. Even though my dad and brother have always played golf, I never went so I never knew much about it. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to spend more time on the golf course. Who knows, maybe I'll even hit a few golf balls sometime!

The 18th hole @ Fox Den Country Club

We also ran into my boss there and he was gracious enough to let us into the clubhouse for a nice lunch!

And this little thing was an excellent start to my Monday morning!

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Nicholas said...

Are you working for the Knoxville Visitor Bureau in disguise? You could write and/or be in a commercial. ;-)

Thank you for the pictures all over Knoxville. I'm getting a sense of what the town is all about! I guess I won't have to visit the town now.