Second house on the right...you know, the one with the blue door?

If you have been reading my blog any time at all you know that I just can't sit still. I remember having this problem, if you wanna call it that, since I was a little girl. My parents and grandparents were always telling to sit still or saying I just couldn't sit still. There was also something about arguing with a brick wall but that's a TOTALLY different story. :)

So back to this blue door business. I painted my door! Yes, blue! The color is Sailboat by Behr. If you want to see it go to Behr.com and search Sailboat in the toolbar at the top. It took me 5 coats and 6 days to reach the final product, but I love it!!!

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat

Fourth Coat (not much difference there)

Fifth Coat (finally finished!)

I do realize it's had to tell the difference between some of the last ones, but you never can trust that pesky sun to be in the same place in the mornings! I'll be posting a pic of the new look of the front of the house soon.

Have a great day!

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