The Military: What it Means to Me

Both my grandfathers were in the military and a few close friends are still serving. I don't say it enough, but to all of those who are in the military, thank you for serving our country. Thank you for risking your life so that I, along with so many others, can have freedom. It takes an extraordinary person to do what you do. You have something that I personally don't have. I know I don't say it or think it enough and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do.

The strength it takes, I will never know
My gratitude, I may not always show
But in my heart I will always keep
the precious gift you have given me

You leave your life behind
so that FREEDOM can be mine
I cannot imagine how this sacrifice feels
not only to you, but to the ones you love

I thank God for your dedication
and pray that you feel our gratification
Nothing I could ever do would measure up
to what you have endured

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