Need Halloween Costume Ideas?

Try your own closet! I was browsing the internet and found some great websites to get ideas for do-it-yourself costumes. Here are some of my favorites...

Shopping the Closet for Halloween

Coolest Homemade Costumes

Need a group costume? Here are some fun ideas!

*Four Seasons



*The Flinstones & Rubbles

*Rice Krispies

*Gilligan's Island

Couples Ideas

*Snow White & the apple

*Ricky & Lucy Ricardo

*Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

*Candy Bars

*Cruella DeVille and Dalmation

*Publisher's Clearing House (My favorite!!)

*Popeye & Olive

*Roger Rabbit & Jessica

What are your ideas?


Sara said...

I liked the Publisher Clearinghouse one too. But, I thought that the Rugrats one was also cute. I'm not very good with those things. One year I went as a Beanie Baby. I cut the little tag out of felt and bought frog eyes and wore a green sweatsuit. I was Legs! Get it? Yeh, not a lot of people did...

J E S S I C A said...

HA HA HA You crack me up. It's the effort that counts...right? I think so. :o)