Poetic Devices and Personal Vices–First Look

The first review of the new album! This is the band I handle booking for...


There is just something deeply personal and hauntingly beautiful about this record, “Poetic Devices and Personal Vices” by renowned Americana Rock band The Hotshot Frieght Train out of Knoxville, TN. I don’t quite have all the words to describe my personal affection for these down home guys and their undeniable talent and creating long lasting desirable music, fit for any music fan regardless of age or personal situation. I have a belief that with a little time, hard work and determination, any band can transform themselves around from being just “that” band to being THE band you call on in a time of need. The “It’ band, a band that has all the qualities of a group living in the moment, living for something greater, and living to be themselves. I’ve watched a few of these gentlemen grow from their days in punk rock band Joey’s Loss (Indie Vision Music) to their inception in The Hotshot Freight Train and the release of “We are…” ep to the release of 2007’s “The Devil Pays in Counterfeit”. The band has come a long long way and I feel like I have grown with them both in word and in spirit, going through trial and tribulation. Well now is the time for redemption, the time for a new dawn. “Poetic Devices and Personal Vices” is the band’s new album and it’ll be released in December on Future Destination Records. It has all the highlights of a perfect fall/winter cozy up to the fire place gritty kind of Americana rock album and so much more. The production is top notch, and the lyrics are right on the money. If you buy any other album this year and you find an extra $10 or so in your wallet this December, do yourself a favor and buy The Hotshot Freight Train. This is sort of a mini review but look for something a little bit a greater length from myself closer to release date.

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