Happiness. That's what I titled this blog. Without a thought, I took it away and typed Simplicity. That's how I would describe my life right now. Simple. Simple because it's easy, not because it's boring. Simple because I'm happy. Simple because it's right. I wouldn't be able to recall the entire path that lead me here, but I would tell you that I would do it again in a heartbeat to have the same outcome.

The smallest things bring a smile to my face. I feel blessed to be where I am and know that God has a fabulous plan for my future. It is something better than I could have ever dreamed up myself. My life is so full of love and joy, which I know are gifts from Him. I am thankful for the exciting things that are happening in my life and am moving forward with a grateful and hopeful heart!


Sara said...

It's good to be happy, isn't it?

Sara said...

I meant to write that with a :)

J E S S I C A said...

It is ;)