The Affect of Music

I listen to music just about all day everyday. Music is a very powerful instrument. I cannot imagine my life without it, but I can't help but think about how much it affects us. Our mood, our smile or frown, our memories can all be brought up or changed in a matter of seconds when we recognize the familiar tune.

There are many memories associated with numerous songs that I know. Some particular ones can bring tears to my eyes and others make me race to change the song. Why is that? What is it about certain memories that we don't want to remember while others we will have a huge smile for 5 minutes after the song is over? It is ironic how at one time a certain song got you through a hard time in your life, but now you can't even stand to hear the first line.

Should music affect us that much? I have noticed that when my Pandora Radio is set to a country song I tend to move slower and be a little sad while I'm working. However, when it's an upbeat station I get so much more accomplished. Music definitely is affective and I wonder if we have thought to use it more to our advantage. Food for thought...

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Anonymous said...

It's very true. I cannot possibly get a good workout in without listening to something with a very strong beat. Music will also move me to tears if it just sounds sad enough. We are strange like that, I think.