Taco Burgers!

 Source: eMeals (portion control) 

Taco Burgers
2 burgers @ 6 each 

Boiled Corn  
1 med ear @ 3 each
Black Beans
1/4 cup @ 1 each 
½ lb lean ground beef (we used ground turkey)
¼ c diced onions
2 t diced jalapeno
(1 t chili pwd, ¼ t steak season, ½ t min garlic)
2 Whitewheat hamburger buns 
*we added salsa &cheese to the burger 
2 med ears corn 

Combine beef, onions, jalapeno & seasonings. Form into 2 patties. Pan fry or grill on med heat until done. Serve on bun.
Boil corn until tender, about 4-6 minutes.

*If you add salsa (0 pp) and cheese (2% or nonfat - 1 pp per slice) make sure and count those points too!

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