Sewing Lesson #1

I did it! I learned to sew! Well, kind of. But my g-mother informed me I did a really good job. Her approval is the most important, after all. I started off simple. I bought a pattern at Wal-mart for about 4 bucks for lounge pants. I got some t-shirt material, which was not really a good idea for a beginner fabric. The edges rolled up while I was sewing a lot which caused a few mistakes . On my first night of sewing, I finished everything but the hem and elastic in the waist.

I have really enjoyed spending time with my g-mother. She attempted to teach me to knit about a month ago. It went okay, but I kept forgetting when to do what...but I'm not one to give up on things very easily, so we'll see. I'm glad that she is taking the time to pass on these skills to me. I really have grown to appreciate her and my g-father more in the passed year or so. I guess I finally realized that they aren't going to be around forever, like I used to think, and that I wanted to carry them with me as long as I can. This way, I can pass things on to my children, and so on.

Which reminds me...as we were sitting there chatting and sewing, my g-mother said, "there's something for you in that blue box over there." So of course, I get extremely excited and say, "what is IT???" (all slow and dramatized like). So she proceeds to pull out a huge envelope and hands it to me. As I pull out its contents, I realized it's all my stuff. Stuff from since I was a little girl that she has saved. I was really taken back. It meant a lot to me that she did that. I haven't even really done that. It included things like, programs from my piano recitals, band concerts, choral concerts, and graduations. I read every single thing in that envelope. She had even saved thank you cards and Christmas lists I had given her. My favorite was on from when I probably 8 or so. It read:

a purple ice ring (that I actually think she got me or maybe my mother did)
a neckloce
a puppy. if you get me this don't get me anything else
a girl hampster and I'll give you one of her babys

There were many other things on the list, filling up almost a whole page, but those were my favorites. Especially the 'girl hampster.' I'm sure she rushed right out that day and bought me one. HAHAHA! She told me a story of going to buy me a cabbage patch doll one time. She described all the crazy moms and grandmothers she ran into that HAD to have one too. Needless to say she wasn't going to participate in that craziness and left that to my OTHER g-mother, who succeeded in the task. I guess there aren't crazies in AR.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my night with my g-mother. If I didn't have to get home to two pups and take dinner to my honey (which I hadn't made yet) then I would've stayed much later than 9:30pm. Can't wait for Sewing Lesson #2!


Lovely said...

Congratulations! I just checked my mail and saw your message. You have made my day! Sewing is so fun and allows you to have the final say in how gorgeous and trendy your clothes will be! Can wait to see some of your future projects!

refashionista said...

Oh Jess, this is such a sweet thing, I wish I'd taken the time to learn more from the older folks in my life that have passed on. This a like a diary that you can share w/others. It's touching.

Helen said...

Jess I am so proud of you learning to sew.I got tears in my eyes when I read this. I wanted so much for one of the girls to sew .

I remember getting to Target about 7:00 am ,standing in line with all the other crazies and then running into the store to get the doll. We do have crazies in Ar.
Granny Helen

awhitaker said...

Yeah for your new blog!!