Long Time No Blog

Our baby is 14 weeks today and weighs 19 pounds! A big change from just a few weeks ago. When I look at pictures from when we first got him, I can see how he is maturing in his face.

He has been testing authority a lot more lately and it's becoming quite frustrating. He is a smart puppy though. He knows Sit, Come, No, Down, and Drop It (speaking of a toy/bone). He is really good at fetch too! Landry still doesn't know this one :( He be really excited when you throw the toy, run over to where it landed and sniff it and then run back excitedly. But Gage gets it.

I started working on my vest on Monday night. I tell ya, I'm getting good :) I got the shell done, but didn't have any fabric to do the lining. I need to get some before I can finish. But what I finished went by very quickly.

The front of the vest is on the left; a closeup of the detail on the right, and the back below. It looks really good, and will look even better when it's finished!

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