It's in My Blood

Recently when my g-mother came for a visit, she expressed her joy in the fact that one of her girls had inherited her love for sewing. She said that my mom nor my aunt wanted anything to do with it and my aunt's girls never did either. My mom actually has shared her "horror" stories with me of when she would be drug to the fabric store while my g-mother looked through pattern books and fabrics for "hours". She also hated having to try things on while my g-mother made them. I can understand being a young girl and being bored with these activities. It was kind of an accident that I started sewing I guess. I just realized that I wanted to always carry apart of my g-mothers with me. What better way then to learn one of their skills! It turns out I'm not half bad.

I have throughly enjoyed the time I have spent with them and learning new things about sewing like terms and symbols. When I finish something, I am proud of myself. That is something I think everyone forgets to feel sometimes. So, your project for the day it to be proud of yourself. It really does feel good and sometimes it's okay to be full of pride. So with all this said, let me bring you up to speed on my latest projects...

After work on Friday I went over to my g-mother's to start on my dress.

I'm using a chocolate brown for the dress and a satin magenta for the sash. We got as far as cutting out the fabric, but will probably work more on it this week.

I finished my brown vest on Saturday with some helpful advice from my g-mother and step-mom. It actually looks like something you could buy at a department store!

See for yourself...

It turned out so good, I decided to make another shorter version yesterday. It was the first time I had started and finished something in the same day.

(You will have to forgive the wrinkles ;) )
It's black with a silver lining and I love it!

I hope you all are having a great week so far!
The countdown has begun:

24 days until my birthday!

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Helen said...

This would be a good day for sewing.We have all types in the forcast. Heavy rain, thunderstorms,tornado warnings,and SNOW.
I loved the vests and you inspire me. I checked the trunk and there are a lot of things that you can use. Too many to mail.

Keep up the sewing.