Staying Postive...At Least I'm Trying To

I have always been clumsy, but not accident prone. Wednesday about 30 minutes before it was time to close up shop, I was posting some flyers for upcoming office events. I guess I got in a hurry or something, or maybe I just lost my brain for a few moments, but...WELL this is

the culprit.

I will not go into much detail because well it wasn't pretty or pleasant. But I never cease to amaze myself. I didn't actually shed one tear until going to the doctor was mentioned. I wasn't even really in that much pain. But when I did realize that I would have to go to the doctor I guess that's when it hit me as to what I had actually just done.




I guess it really looks worse than it actually is. Barely even penetrated the nail bed. I didn't even have to get real stitches, I got fake ones instead. Liquid Stitches. I can't even bring myself to go into detail about my horrible experience at the walk-in clinic I went to, but needless to say I was there for 2 hours. 5 minutes of which I was actually with a "doctor." I am guessing I would have had to get real stitches if the PA hadn't been in a hurry to leave because they were about to close, but either way we were both happy. I did, however, have to get a tetanus shot. I didn't really mind though because since I couldn't remember when I had received the last one, better safe than sorry. The shot itself I didn't even feel when I received it, but I have been feeling it ever since. I massaged my arm that night, but it didn't really do much good. Yesterday my arm was extremely sore, but nothing compares to last night. My temp got up to 100 and I was achy all over. Could have sworn I was dying, but after a little Ibuprofen and some TLC from the honey, I was okay. I have a knot where I got the shot and it's a little swollen today, but I think I'll live. My finger actually doesn't hurt at all. It's this honkin thing that is annoying!

They didn't want my to bump it, so this was the solution. Oh well, it will be off soon enough. I'm glad I didn't do more damage to my poor pretty little finger. I guess hand modeling is definitely out of the question now.

My mother is in town again (yay!) and all of us are going out to dinner tonight. That will help my poor finger and my shaken ego. Oh and thanks for reading!

The Countdown Continues: 20 days until my birthday!

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Helen said...

I am so sorry about the accident and I felt sympathy pains when I saw it.

Good luck on the job hunt.