Growing; Hopefully in more ways than one...

Our baby isn't such a baby anymore...

I know...I look proud ;) And this is what my office looks like! Well a little of it.

This video was a few weeks ago at my brother's. Notice Landry just watching Gage be ridiculous!


It's kinda hard to see (thanks LG Chocolate), but Gage and Landry both run for the toy, but just like I told you, Landry runs after it, sniffs, and runs back excitedly. Gage actually follows through.



Mel said...

I sure wish you worked for me! Maybe we need to go into business for ourselves! P.S. I like the vest! Mom

awhitaker said...

I think it's just as funny to watch Zach playing with the dogs as to watch the dogs!

Good luck tomorrow...I'll be thinking about you.