I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You


My darling boy. You have been my constant companion for a while now. You are my best friend. You don't talk back (except a little bark here and there), you don't offer advice when you know I don't need it, you are there when I'm happy and when times aren't so good and I'm crying. You love me no matter if I get home at 5 or 8pm, as long as I come. You don't call and say where are you, you're late, hurry up! and I love you for that. You are excited every time you see me even if I just left the room. You curl up next to me like there is no better place in the whole world for you to be. You aren't too good at fetch, but it's your effort that I love. You think you are bigger than any other dog you meet and act as such. Your "ferocious" bark makes me laugh. You love everyone you meet, especially little kids. In fact, besides your Pappy, they're your favorite. I love to see how happy you make little Ryder when you run around and let him chase you. When he was little you kept close watch on him and hurried over if you heard him make just a tiny sound. It is so cute how you worry. Even though you drive me crazy about a mile out from your Grandparent's or Uncle and Aunt's, I love how excited you get just by feeling the turns in the road and never fail to know where we are going. It never fails that right after you get a bath you go outside and roll around in the grass and get dirty again. I know without a doubt you would be an outside dog if I would let you. Well little one, we love you too and you will never know much you mean to me.


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