My Weekend: Food, Painting, & Sewing

Friday night, Jessica & I went to an awards banquet that obtained tickets for through work. Even though there were only two of us at a table for ten, we made it fun.

The tickets were $100 a person, but I'm sure we
did a trade with rental items. But this salad is a
little skimpy, don't you think?

Bread is always good.

The main course, as you see
here had some sort of beef
(that was extremely tender!)
chicken (which was dry),
mashed potatoes,
carrots, and asparagus.

The dessert was the best part
(usually always is!).
This was a chocolate mousse
cake and a keylime pie. Since
there was only two of us and ten
pieces of dessert, we sampled
both of course!

Saturday, Dad & I primered my front porch.


I definitely think it makes it look better. We are going to finish it up sometime this week and I'll be sure and post a picture of the final product.

On Sunday, I finally got back in to the swing of sewing. A few weeks ago, I found some awesome vintage fabric at the thrift store.

I made Beth a vest, like the ones I have already made, out of the first fabric.

And this fabric I just LOVE! I'm going to make a dress out of it.

I have A LOT of fabric that I have collected from various sources (thanks Beth!) that I'm going to start projects on soon. I am also going to start selling some things that I make at Beth's thrift shop. It's going to be hard, because I will want to keep most of it I'm sure.

These two fabrics I had something in mind for me. The first I will probably make a cute top out of. Maybe like the one I made for Jennifer's birthday.

I have been looking for awhile for a fabric to make these pants with. And I FINALLY found some!

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Helen said...

I love the fabric and look forward to seeing what you make with it.

The porch looks nice.