Baltimore...Day 3

Saturday, August 2nd

To start off our day, we visited the Maryland Science Center to see the Body Worlds 2 Exhibit. I wasn't sure about going to this exhibit at first, but it turned out to be extremely interesting. I would recommend that you go if it comes to a city near you. Here is a little of what you will see:

After that, we went to Philadelphia and spent $25 in tolls. I'm just saying I'm glad I wasn't driving ;) It was great to visit a new city that wasn't too far away from where we were staying. First we went to see the "Rocky Steps." Since it would have cost an arm and a leg to park and get out to go see it, I settled for a picture from the car. It was still cool.

There was a lot of interesting buildings and things to see as we drove around the city.


But my favorite was this....

We need some of these in good ole TN.

Then I got to see a celebrity...
(umm...that's Tiger Woods in case you didn't know :D )
Then I got to eat a famous Cheese Steak! from the creators of the Cheese Steak!

honestly? It was kinda dry...next time I will get the cheese whiz!

After a great trip to Philly, we went to the King of Prussia Mall and did some shopping. Then headed back to Baltimore and paid even more tolls.

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