Remember the Path?

It's almost been a year, but I finally did some more digging. And to my dismay I still haven't come to an end of this path.

This is what it looked like last May.

This is after a little digging on Sunday.

My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to keep going...but still have no IDEA what's going to come of this pattern.

And a close up...

I'm still amazed that someone would cover this up, and can't wait to finish it. When it's done, I'm going to line the sides with rock and clean it up really well. Hopefully the last few days of rain will make for some easy digging . Surely there can't be much more to go!

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Chickenbells said...

Well, you lucky duck! How fantastic!! Not so fantastic that someone covered it up so well, but fantastic that you've found it...I'm feeling a bit jealous though. I would love a path like that!