Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Three years ago today, I graduated from college. It's really hard to believe. Time has passed so fast...so much has happened since then.

Let's reminisce...

College graduation is a little different than high school. Besides the obvious things, working a lot harder to get there, costing more money, getting a bigger diploma, etc., this is when you finally enter the real world.

I'll never forget about March of 2006 it really started to hit me. I started applying for 'real jobs', preparing for graduation, finishing up classes, and FREAKING out! I couldn't believe that I had been in school since I was 5 years old and I was going to be done. Done. DONE! Yes, this is very exciting, but also very scary. So, like most 'I'm fixing to be a college graduate' do, I decided I would stay and get my Masters. Why not? It would be more beneficial to me and more importantly I didn't have to join the real world yet, right? Well, I thought so, but my father was on a different page. Though short, I will never forget that conversation.

"Dad, I have been thinking that I'm going to stay in school and get my Masters." In my head I'm thinking he is going to be so proud and happy that I want to work hard and further my education.

His response was a little different than I had planned..."Great...I'll NEVER retire!"

I was extremely lucky that my parents were able to pay for my college. So his response isn't a bad one. I can see that now. ha ha. I didn't stay to get my Masters and I turned out okay. It might be something to plan for in the future, but that will have to come out of my pockets. Oh, and by the way he is retired now, so rest easy.

May 12, 2006 was an awesome day!

Me, my dad, and step mom.

My mother and I.

After graduation, friends and family gathered at the house for a tropical celebration. Tropical because I left for Jamaica the next day for a nice get away!

Me and my (then) soon to be sister-in-law...

My brother and I.

Mary & Tracy.

Happy as all get out! I have no clue why! ;o)

I was missing mother's day that Sunday, so we celebrated a few days early. This is My mom, me, and my step dad.


Nicholas said...

It’s always good to reminisce about our anniversary days. I think it’s good how God uses every circumstance for His glory if you let him. I’m sure that you’re finding that out day-to-day.

I reflect on how far I’ve come in my development to be more like Jesus—but I always think that there is so much more than I need to do! I do that just to inspire me to stay focused on being more like Jesus, battling with my own sinful self.

I hope that you’re blog is reaching out to others to really get to know who our Savior really is. Do you find yourself helping other does just that?

J E S S I C A said...

I hope it does. I hope that people are seeing a change in me and learning from what God is doing in my life!

Nicholas said...

In my blog, as I write, I try to be the real me and an ambassador for our Lord and Savior as imperfect as I really am. I hope that it makes a difference to draw others to Christ, our main mission on earth now.

I am not rich, nor do I hold a prestigious title. I only have the love and grace of God through His son Jesus Christ. I hope that you do the same with your friends and family.

Let me say that I would be interested in getting to know from a female perspective how being a witness for God is, especially as you are in the generation after me. This inquiring mind wants to know! LOL I am always into a good story.

J E S S I C A said...

Nicholas-send me your email address and I will share my story with you. jessw327@gmail.com