It's Raining Cats & Dogs!

A few weeks ago, Gage came over for a visit. We took a little trip over to see Pappy & Mamaw Janice's NEW fence! He was awfully excited on the way over!

And excited when we got there...

...especially when he got the baseball.

He carried it, and by it I mean 2, everywhere he went...

...until it was destruction time (hence the 2)!

The next day we hung around the house to pass the morning.

Gage was just wanting to love on Chance and he was having NO part of it!

Gage is a such gorgeous dog!

Then, Pappy came over and we all worked on the yard.

Landry more so than Gage...

Last week he came to visit again! Somehow I got them all to sit still for 2.2 seconds while I snapped their picture.

Chance was feeling loving...like always.

Now, before you go thinking that I take all kinds of pictures with my animals, I just have to say the only reason I posted these is because Landry and I have the exact same expression in them all!

Sweet little big HUGE Gage.

My baby...with a new bath and haircut!

Jere not wanting his picture taken...

My little love muffin not wanting Mommy to put him in his house when she left.

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