Pod to PC

I love it when I come across a FREE program that works great. The latest is Pod to PC. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing as me and for whatever reason don't have the music that's on your iPod saved anywhere else.

I took the time to upload every single CD that I own to my iPod. However, didn't save them ANYWHERE else. I know, I know. I have learned from my mistake. I had also uploaded songs from another computer so they weren't saved anywhere either. So...the dilemma is what if I want to burn a CD or put these songs onto another mp3 player? I didn't want to PAY for a program. If it came down to that I would have just dealt with it and hoped that my iPod never tuckered out. But after a little searching and the WONDERFUL download.com I came across (drum roll please...) Pod to PC. I was a little scepticle at first, only because every other program was $19.95 +, but decided to give it a try.

I backed up my current library first (just in case!). Then downloaded the program. It is super duper easy to use and pretty quick as well. I had about 4,000 songs and I was completely finished within 45 minutes. Probably less, but I get side tracked :)

Make sure and close iTunes before you open Pod to PC. After it's running hookup your iPod and click transfer. Seriously, it's that easy. Now, I have all of my songs in my iTunes library and it was completely FREE and legal. LOL

And no, they didn't pay me to write this. I just like sharing my findings with you! But if you are from the Pod to PC website and reading this...feel free to send some compensation my way..I wouldn't object!

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