She's Leaving.

I have known it was coming for quite a while now. I'm not sure if I just told myself it wasn't real until it actually happened or if I just put off dealing with it. Regardless, the truth is finally here and she is leaving.

To be honest, I never thought it would actually happen. I always thought growing up that the friends that were my friends then, would be my friends forever...and just exactly like we were then. However, sometimes the truth hurts. I have lost a few friends over the years, some of them I needed to lose, some I'm glad I lost, and some I still miss almost every single day. But this particular friend isn't being lost, she is just moving 175 miles away...No, that's not THAT much, but it's enough to be sad about.

This friend and I have been through a lot together...high school, moving out for the first time together (even though it only lasted a month...it still counts!), the birth of her children (I was there for the first one!), a few boyfriends, apartments, houses, her marriage, the death of her first born and my God son, her divorce, cars, car clubs (LOL), awful breakups (you know the ones), music, the death of her mother, and most recently her moving. We have made so many memories together and I will never forget many of them (I would say all of them, but let's face it...I have a bad memory). She is actually my memory sometimes and reminds me of things that I have totally forgotten about. That's always fun.

Now we are 25, grown with real jobs and college degrees. It's hard to think about her not living in the house on Ashford Glen...I had just learned that address too! But, she is moving on to other things. Things, I hope, that turn into a great life and many memories. I know that even if we do lose touch, she will always have a special place in my heart and I in hers.

The farewell dinner is tomorrow night and hopefully it won't be too sad. I will try not to shed tears. Who am I kidding...I teared up writing this!!

Some of our memories...

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I will miss you love ♥!


Sara said...

It is sad when a friend moves away. I'm usually the one doing the moving, but I still miss my friends and family everyday. I recommend to invest some time in MSN, Yahoo chat, or skype. Also, consider a webcam. Maybe you already know some of these things. I'm a little challenged technologically.

J E S S I C A said...

Sara-it really is just the starting of a new chapter for our friendship. Thankfully there is great technology now and texting and IMing are great ways to stay in touch. It's just sad to know you can't drive down the street to see them anymore. Well, you can...it would just take a lot longer ;o) I'm sure you experience this considering you are in a different country than all your loved ones. Thanks for the pep talk :)