The Winery & A Kiss

After Gettysburg we headed north to Adam's County Winery. We decided to take back roads and the drive was beautiful. The few wrong turns we made showed us even more of the vast countryside. It doesn't get much better than driving through the country with the windows down and listening to a great song...we suggest John Denver (just seemed to fit).

As we grew closer to the winery, we started to think that maybe we were pulling into someone's personal driveway...after the wax museum experience we weren't quite sure WHAT could be at the end of the gravel drive. What we found was a quaint little house that was welcoming but still a bit mysterious. As we pulled into the gravel lot we couldn't help but look at the expiration of license plates on the few cars parked there. They were all current so we proceeded in. Walking in we noticed a couple at the far end of the counter sampling wine and were soon welcomed by a sweet lady. We picked out a few wines to sample and quickly became at ease when we were greeted by the winery dog, a full size golden retriever.

I like a variety of wines, but lean more towards sweet and fruity. We got a choice of 8 wines to sample, which I thought was quite a few compared to other places I have been to sample. Between the two of us our favorite was Tears of Gettysburg:

a nine-time award-winner and our hallmark wine, produced under
our Gettysburg Winery label. This distinctive Niagara blend is a
sweet wine and has been a favorite of our friends for years. Named
"Best of Show for American Wines" at the PA Farm Show.

We bought a bottle and some cheese to try. We planned on stopping and having a little wine picnic, but not having a knife, cups, or crackers put a kink in that plan. Instead we headed up to Hershey, PA to taste some chocolate!

I would love to live somewhere called Hershey. How fun would that be? Don't get me wrong though...no bags are packed just yet, I'm just sayin'. After a quick lunch, we headed over to Hershey's Chocolate World. It starts with a quick ride around the 'factory.' After that you can take a tour of the grounds on a trolley, see a 3D show, personalize a chocolate bar, or attend a chocolate tasting. We opted for the chocolate tasting...we were at HERSHEY after all. It was a cute little demonstration and we got to eat lots of chocolate so it was worth it. The gift shop was humongeous and very entertaining. Hershey's Chocolate World is child oriented and I would highly recommend a trip if you haven't ever been. And if you are there 2 hours or less, parking is free!

With bellies full of chocolate we drove around the town in search of these:

The dirty windshield added to the kiss I think...

Once we found these we felt our mission was successful and headed south in search of Towson Town Center...a 4 story mall. Yup...4 stories! Jason was such a trooper :) After a little shopping...and the mall closing, we went in search of a quick, yummy dinner. We found a cute little pizza shop in a random shopping center as we drove around. Vito's Pizza gets two thumbs up! If you live in Ownings Mills (clears throat...MOM!) you should definitely try it. It's the closest thing to Big Ed's pizza I have ever had.


Sara said...

Yum to both the wine and the kisses. Luckily for me, I live in a country that makes excellent, cheap wine. Unfortunately, there are no hersey kisses.

J E S S I C A said...

You can't win all the time ;o) At least you have one! (((this is me looking at the bright side of things)))