I LOVE surprises. It doesn't matter if they are for me or I'm the one doing the surprising. I think they are great! Back in April, Mom had an excellent idea for a surprise. My grandmother turned 80 this past Friday and Mom thought it would be a good idea for everyone to be there to celebrate with her...and of course it had to be a surprise!

So Friday morning, My brother, his wife, and I headed out for the 9 hour drive to Arkansas.

We got there just in time to freshen up and then head over for the surprise.

I think this was probably the best surprise we have ever pulled off and I'm glad we got to be apart of her 80th birthday celebration.

It was also nice to see my mom and stepdad who just got back from Scotland on a mission trip and my extended family that I only get to see at Christmas.

After dinner we took a few minutes to catch this wonderful occasion on film. Here are all the ladies in the family...

My grandmother with her 2 girls.

My mother and I.

My cousin and I.

My grandmother with her 3 children.

I had an awesome time at dinner and am so thankful for my family. I have had great role models throughout my life and I am so blessed!

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