My flower garden...a year later

Before. Check out where the flower beds started.

The tall phlox (crimson flower) is taking over!

My hosta has really taken off! The plant on the left is a bleeding heart. I planted it a few months ago. I think it likes it's new home!

I think next year, I'll have to move some of these. They are running out of room to grow! Such a change after only a year.

Those are carrots on the back row.

Everything has grown so much! I can't wait to eat these vegetables! Check out what this looked like just a month ago!

The first bloom on my rose bush!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your yard and garden looks exactly like my aunt's. Are you sure you aren't my aunt? :p

J E S S I C A said...

Thank you!! I think I need to see pics of this yard of which you speak. :)