Eating on a Budget

Lately, we have been shopping more and more at Aldi. If you have one close by, you really should check it out! It saves us lots of money on produce, frozen chicken, yogurt, frozen fruit and veggies, the list goes on and on.

Three things you need to know before shopping at Aldi:
1. Take a quarter. You'll need it to get a shopping cart. Don't worry - you'll get it back when you return your cart!
2. Take your own reusable bags. Aldi doesn't bag your items for you, but sometimes they have empty boxes for you to use on the counter behind the registers.
3. The aisles are small and it can be crowded. The products are the same, but overhead costs are not. They have to cut corners to save us money!

Stay tuned for a recipe made completely with Aldi products. We love eating on a budget with Aldi!

Check out Aldi's website for recipes and specials at aldi.us!


Terra Jones said...

We have an Aldi about 30 mins away and FINALLY got one about 5 miles from our house!!!! We have cut down our grocery bill SO much thanks to them!!!! Looking forward to your recipe!

J E S S I C A said...

I always shop at Aldi first then head to a regular grocery store for the things they didn't have. That list is getting shorter and shorter, though!