P90X - A Male's Perspective

This, my second week of P90X, marks a milestone for me in regard to exercise video adherence. In my former life, 100 pounds heavier, I never passed the one week mark when it came to a video exercise program. I don’t know if that’s due to boredom or lack of discipline, but either way, I’m determined to not let it be a recurring theme.

I attacked the P90X program in true male fashion – I talked a big game going into it, but when it came time to do it I wanted to watch TV instead. I started the videos knowing how hard they would be, and they didn’t let me down – I got through half of the first workout before I had to stop. With my experience with the Couch-to-5k program, I learned the importance of knowing your limits. Any exercise routine should push you, but if you push too hard you’re not very likely to continue. Modification to some of the workouts was key to being able to continue. What’s the use in pushing yourself to do an exercise just like the trainer if it just results in an injury? In just my second week I’m already getting strong enough to do more reps and improve my form. It won’t be long until I’m doing the full routine like one of the people in the video. I don’t have to be perfect on day one – I didn’t get out of shape in one day, I’m not going to get in shape in one day.

Jess and I decided to do the workouts individually. I told her this would keep us from getting too competitive when, in truth, it keeps her from hearing me whine like a little girl during some of the routines. Doing the routine by myself allows me to focus on my form without feeling self-conscious. Plus, when you’re 6’6”, you kinda take up all the space in the room.

I still have a long way to go, but I can already see definition and increased flexibility. However, the greatest improvement I’ve had so far has been in my mind-set. With an almost masochistic anticipation, I now look forward to my workout every day and welcome the sore muscles the next. After a workout I’m wrecked, but I feel like I could take on the world. With these changes, and Jess’s support, I know I will be able to finish this program and continue beyond the 90 days.


Mel said...

So proud of you both!!

J E S S I C A said...

Thank you, mom! We WILL finish! If only so you can say you know two people that did :)