Finished, Complete, Done, Terminado!!

Path History: May 21, 2008, May 29, 2008, March 17, 2009, April 6, 2009, April 22, 2009, April 27, 2009, May 12, 2009, May 25, 2009, July 22, 2009

I can't believe it myself, well yes, yes I can, BUT we have finally finished the path!

There are no definite plans for the right side of the path and what it should lead to. Right now it just kinda stops. I have thought about some sort of water feature, like a pond or fountain, but there isn't any outdoor power so it would have to be solar. If you have any ideas, shoot them my way.

My dad also planted some grass up around the rock steps. I hope it grows, but if not there's always next year.

It is going to be gorgeous back there in the spring. I can't wait!


Sara said...

Terminado! hehehehe. Or you can say listo! I've been watching the progress and it looks good, from the dirt to this. Nice job!

J E S S I C A said...

Thank you Sara! Hope you're doing well.